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What are some of your favorite dual swords right? (has to be swords other weapons don't count)


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Nami Skyla prime (words don't do this weapon justice) have two rivens for two builds

Dual Keres: underrated weapon, very strong

Dual Ether:  Solid weapon with extremely high dispo


Honorable mentions: Dual Ichor, Twin Basolk. ,yea i know these are more axes than swords but are cool

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I know they aren's technically swords, but i still have a soft spot for Dual Kamas Prime. and Dual Ichor. can't deny how strong they are.

for actual swords, Dual Ether Swords hold a special place in my memory as the first weapon I ever crafted and the oldest weapon still in my arsenal. I also like Twin Krohkur's visuals, and of course Nami Skyla Prime are perhaps the strongest Dual Swords in game right now.

the only weapons in this class I really want now are Dual Nikanas and Dual Zoren Prime, I want some golden axes to go berserking with!

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7 hours ago, Cyba_Zero said:

Twin Basolk for the win

Definitely.  Although if they had better stats or a cool augment, Dual Zoren would be my favorite.  Love their aesthetic.

2 hours ago, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

Dual Zoren Prime

I want this too, but I hope they won't  be cartoonishly large and weighed down with golden dangle-y bits.

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Nami Skyla Prime is probably my favorite melee right now. The base attack speed is just amazing, it has decent crit chance and high status chance. Also Swirling tiger.

I also really like Dual Ether and Dark Split Swords. I want to like Prisma Dual Cleavers but I can't get over the 1.7 base range. 

4 hours ago, (PSN)Yggranya said:

Swords are the lamest of all weapons. I would prefer if they added new stances specifically for sparring weapons.

the dude your opinion GIF

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