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Portrait of Boss is not displayed correctly in Information UI of Assassination node


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Recorded video of this bug:


I noticed to this bug while playing Nintendo Switch edition, and tested on PC.
As a result, the bug reoccurred at PC too and I report it to this topic.


I remember that the information UI of the assassination node used to show a portrait of the targeted boss at previous version.

But now, the UI show the normal enemy's portrait instead of the Boss' portrait (Including the boss who does not have a "Provocation Movie" like Captain Vor at Tolstoj, Mercury).

In addition, the portrait of assassination target that has Provocation Movie is "updated" according to the other most recently displayed portrait, as shown in the recorded video above.


In the video above, the game client's language is Japanese, but I've seen it happen on English client as well.

I have not confirmed the  status in other languages, sorry.

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