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Kela De Thame boss fight platforms invisible


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I went to do the kela de thame boss fight as the last nightmare mission,i reaached the pressure plate and shot the thing,cinematic started palying,i skipped it and did the 1st pahse,during the orbital strike phase,i was hitting the things,but nothing was happening,then i remembered that i had to stand on 4 pressure plates and shoot the things while the upper cover was spinning,to my surprise i saw no pressure plates,when the strike ended i saw 4 lights coming from the air and recoginzed that the platforms went invisible,it was a pain to do it 8 times,i had to land on the light which was looking as it was floating in the air,it was difficult to land on those lights without knowing how big the platform was,if this bug happened to a new player/a player doing this boss fight for the 1st time,they will be confused and will ultimately abort the mission,losing their judgement points and time.

I took only one screenshot as i was too confused to realize it was a bug that time:https://ibb.co/dBMr88h

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