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The fishing in Demios is still Broken.


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Z: /Lotus/Levels/InfestedMicroplanet/InfFleshscapeA P: 120, -110, -383  H:-3  Log: 9572.901

The fishing in Demios is still broken, I was standing on the spot above (string line of data) and using the Ebisu 5000 standing fishing spear and I got stuck and had to close my game and restart it.

The new fish Flagellocanth not being marked by the dye. Used 18 processed baits to try and get the few fish I did get.
Lobotriscid does get marked by the dye.

I wasn't going to add the F6 screenshot because meta data gets corrupted on imagehost sites from memory but here it is anyway.


Imagehost site corrupts the image metadata like I thought after downloading it myself..

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Am i the only one or does the Ebisu spear which says that fish won't even know it's coming for them spooks the new deimos fish before it finishes it's cast? It's literally like trying to thread a needle trying to catch lobiscisus or what they're called. They're so small. Thought i'd add that just to a number of problems with Deimos fishing.

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