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Feedback for the six frame's buff


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(I use spoiler function to organize the post )

Ash's 4


It's a nice QoL change.

But with this change , it intensify the needs of increase animation speed . 

With so many mark on the field , it will take even longer time to finish all the stabbing . And while it's going , players aren't able to cast Blade Storm again , or cast 3 for utility purpose , because it will put us in the super long animation .


Also this is not enough to make Ash good . all his other ability are like half an ability .


I suggest the following change :

1. Increase animation speed of 4 .

2. Move the "join Blade Storm" function from Teleport to Blade storm . Give blade storm a hold function , while casting by holding , player will join the blade storm .

3. Don't stop here , continue to improve his other ability .

4. (optional) can cast blade storm while current one is going .


Honestly , I think Blade storm is the last one that needs a change...

Atlas's 2



I don't want to be the harsh guy , but I truly don't understand the purpose of this change .

If the intend is to give it DPS function ... the damage is super low , and the wall will die first before anything else .
Passive damage is also not a good playstyle to be honest.


If the intend is to CC , then it practically didn't change anything . They got staggered every now and then , but it's consistency is to low .


If me , I will 

1. Buff it's health , or grant a way to heal it .

2. I will apply a decent chance (30~50%) to petrify enemies on counter , while rolling have a 100% chance to petrify.


This can both make this ability both interactive and nice .







Element switching is nice , but this mean elemental ward needs to be recast able , to utilize the elemental change .

And it's range is really small .

negative range don't effect range is good, this mean we can use the same build as before . But we can't really build range for it , too , since stretch doesn't seems to have big effect (  from 10m to 11range ... ) 

I think it needs to be 15m fixed range . And this will be a decent CC power . 

Also we needs to be able to use gun while in this mode .Being able to melee is nice , but it's kind of limiting .


p.s. it can use a bit more damage . Maybe increase base damage or scale with Vex armor ? I don't know. At least it has low cost.




Nekros' 1


In practicality , unless we are facing super beefy unit ( SP eximus level of tanky ) , this execute effect is more a restriction than rewarding .

It's actually really hard to get enemies under 35% and have time to cast one in normal gameplay .

The marking effect is a good implement , but since soul punch has ridiculously high knockback , it's super hard to kill enemy in time ( Even finding the poor soul is hard )


Also summoning + healing shadow is not even good on paper . it doesn't do much , because shadow doesn't do much . 


I suggest these changes :

1. instead of execution base on HP% , maybe just kill enemies under certain HP that scale with level , high enough to kill basic trash mob but not enough to effect heavy unit .
25 energy to kill a trash mob won't be broken at all , don't worry . This effect will still spawn the shadow , of course .

The 35% execution will remain .


2. Make shadow do something more . This is more about his 4 than 1 , but this is necessary to make this effect good . 

Nidus' 2


I didn't play enough Nidus to know .

But since it's a straight buff , fix Nidus' biggest problem , and Nidus is a great frame to begin with , I don't think there is any problem 

Good change , very nice .

Zephyr's 2 and 4


DE you're right , Zephyr is the frame that's needs most attention on this list . Her inconsistency is a huge problem.


Her 2 buff damage is nice , but I don't think this is a damage ability , nor the effect it needs .

It still needs to fly faster , and while it's synergy with Tornado is decent , it will also push enemies on tornadoes away . It's the same problem with Mag's 1&2 combo .


I don't really care about the parazon finisher . It has the same problem with Nekros new 1 . It's just a nice bonus I guess .


Also it's cost it's a little high for an ability that's important for synergy .


Now on to her 4 .

It's needs to hold tighter . Even when it's not moving around , enemies can still fly away for some reason . This is worst when casting moving variance .

Also because it will target enemies in the area to cast upon , if one have a big range build , is often that some will be spawn in super far away places rather than choke points , which is the ability needs to be place to be effective .

This may sound weird , but this is the case where LoS will be good , so it will be limited to the area that player actually cares.


Here is my suggesting for further changes: 

1. make 2 travel faster .

2. 2 won't effect enemies under Tornadoes effect .

3. Tornadoes needs to hold even harder .

4. Give it LoS upon activation , so Tornadoes won't  be spawn too far .

5. Improve her 1 .



So this is the post .

Overall , the buffs are good . Just keep pushing and they will be great .

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1 hour ago, Bakahung said:

p.s. it can use a bit more damage . Maybe increase base damage or scale with Vex armor ? I don't know. At least it has low cost.


It already scales with Vex Armor. It’s still terrible. Can’t even kill level 100 grunt enemies in a reasonable time for fast paced combat standard.

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Chroma's 1 could act like it's writen in it description (a breath attack like the ignis and have a dynamic chaining like the kuva nukor), have a cone aoe instead of a linear "ray". pin-point ability don't have a place in a game when you fight swarm of enemies (remember wukong's old 1), chaining range should be affected by range mods.

Nekros' 1 change is a "joke". let me explain, Nekros master of Death and dead have harder time to instant kill ennemies than Garuda. as the master od Death and Dead he should have easier time taking away life of ennemie. garuda is only about blood and bleeding not death. also HP threshold (should be affected by power strenght) and Mark for Harvest(should be affected by duration, an have a true duration and not stay until the ragdoll wear off) duration should be displayed in the ability tab

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