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Gara Kaleida Head Ratio


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Hoi Warframe, I just got myself the new Gara Kaleida Skin and played around with it. It looks decent but not as good as I was hoping, yet im satisfied with it.
Besides some simple things that are not worth mentioning, I have one big complaint! I simply LOVE the standart gara helmet and the others... *sigh* They all look terrible, even the new one. In my opinion, everyone can have their own opinion of course!
Anyways. If you equip any other helmet than the Kaleida Helmet the proportions look... off to say the least. Maybe this can fixed by autoscaling the helpet down a little, if its equipped with the Kaleida Skin and scaled back up, if any other Gara Skin is used.

The picture should show what I mean.


Thanks a lot,
a fellow Warframe player and Gara Main.

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