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Enemy Necramechs are still looping Storm Shroud


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I'm not sure if this belongs in bugs or feedback but since I feel that this was unintended, I'll post this here. Just came out of two T3 Iso Vault runs which ended in failure. Right after both arms are gone on a Necramech, it instantly responded with Gravemines and Storm Shroud. This has been pretty consistent since even before the update so no matter.

The kicker was the moment the first Storm Shroud was removed, I saw its health bar a split second right before it activated another instance of Storm Shroud. And this happened back-to-back-to-back. It was impossible for me to destroy any of them as they were on Storm Shroud almost permanently. I also saw instances of Gravemines activating without cease from a single Necramech.

I might be mistaken but wasn't the usage frequency of both Gravemines and Storm Shroud lowered in the update? In any case, this is incredibly frustrating (The arms hitbox is also frustrating but that's beside the point) and I hope that this would be looked upon soon.


Have a good one!

- Pale Remnant

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