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failing bounties bcuz we're too far away from objectives shouldn't be counted as mission failed.


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as title suggests, most of the time we're trying to leave the match bcuz the mission is bugged (thx to DE for their audacity to release this unacceptable patch believing ppl would accept it) and getting too far away from mission would result in fail, tell me more about why we should pay the price of ur failed/buggy codes? we should be able to go back to hub without losing anything res/exp

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Even if the frustration resulting from such a situation can be understandable, you are doing noone a favor by ranting here. Rather, try to take a deep breath, relax and then objectively add information, so DE can actually process your Bug Report properly and improve the game.
- What Bounty did you fail that resulted in a mission fail.
- Which Free Roam area did you visit
- How many people were in your group
Just as much information as you can provide, no matter how insignificant a detail might appear. 

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