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Defense Enemies de- and respawning repeatedly - Corpus Outpost Ravine


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Running an arbitration defense that was running on the Corpus Outpost Ravine tileset, enemies would repeatedly spawn and despawn making it significantly more irritating to complete a round. Running 20 waves took almost an hour compared to roughly 20 minutes normally. Trying to kill one of these enemies would be done by running from one corner of the map to the other and hoping it does not despawn before you get there. Sometimes while this one enemy keeps respawning more enemies would spawn, making it even more frustrating as they also start to respawn.

The following video shows one enemy jumping all across the map. It can be seen in the thumbnail that at one point it was near enough that normal radar could pick it up, showing that it is indeed despawning. All the other markers are from the mark provided at end of round.

Could we possibly have a method to start the next wave manually? This could still be balanced to either only work when 80% of enemies have been killed or starting the next round early would bump up the enemy level temporarily.

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