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Sporothrix + Arum Spinosa: Gift From the Lotus Alerts!


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While reviewing bug reports and feedback this morning we are seeing the widespread issue that the base Blueprint for 2 new Weapons are not in their intended locations. While we work to fix this and figure out how they got missed on launch, we are putting up 2x 48 hour Alerts for:

Sporothrix Blueprint
Arum Spinosa Blueprint 

We should have a real fix deployed for this Monday, but for early adopters who are hunting for this weapons, we are putting up these Alerts over the weekend to get people their new gear!

Apologies for this and enjoy the Alerts while they're up.


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4 minutes ago, Grav_Starstrider said:

No script to give infested k drive farmers their parts and blueprints? 

Unfortunately, no.  29.5.2 update had this:

  • Fixed Deimos / Cambion Drift K-Drive races not rewarding proper new Infested K-Drive Parts.
    The item being rewarded was a non-usable “fake” blueprint, which would not have shown up in the Foundry or been usable. You will need to redo the races to receive the functional item. The old one can be sold from your Inventory for credits.

So we have to re-run the Deimos K-Drive races.  The new items do actually work and I can see them in my Foundry.

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