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The new Vayas Prime operator accessories are categorized strangely.

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Vayas Prime Mask:  currently an Eye Accessory, should be a Facial Accessory like Cogna, Respa Prime, and Zenoriu masks.

Vayas Prime Diadem:  is clearly an "oculus", not a diadem, and belongs in Eye Accessories rather than Facial Accessories.


This also brings another issue to light; we now have four different masks (covering the lower face) mashed together with all of the diadems (mainly on the forehead, with some outliers such as Star-Child and Garasu diadems).

How about separating the masks into a new accessory slot?

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Closing parenthesis, whoopsie
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Ah, so you did. I clearly failed to search properly before writing up my own post. It seems we arrived at slightly different solutions for the same overall problem.

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