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Player immunities should work against Liches.


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Status immunity doesn't prevent your Lich's abilities from putting statuses on you, like freezing you solid, and Primed Surefooted, a 16 drain primed mod from login rewards, doesn't prevent a Lich from knocking you down or using Pull on you.

I have these things on because I despise the obscene amount of player CC in this game (it is my absolute least favorite thing in any game ever made.  I hate being CC'd in games and there's more in this damn game than in every game I've ever played combined.) and yet they don't work against Liches.  Every other enemy you put out can just ignore statuses, abilities, CC, even damage, and yet even modding to be immune or using abilities or arcanes that make you immune from these things don't work on half the enemies that do these things.  I've been rad procced in rad sortie while wearing a max rank arcane healing.  Ragdolled while wearing a maxed out Primed Surefooted, and Frozen while standing Oberon's grass, which makes you status immune.

This is complete BS.  If you spec into an immunity, it should be just as absolute as all the ridiculous enemies you put out.  You turn off our tools against enemies, and then turn off our defenses for the enemy's tools and it invalidates our modding and time investments and it needs to stop.  The majority of the time you release new stuff these days it feels like you're trying to punish the players because they don't want the same things for the game you do.

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