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Deadlock Protocol boss fight in a deadlock



Ok, tried doing the Protea boss fight and ran into some issues.

First time I brought her down to zero, she activated an ability that made in invincible while also resetting me to a previous position every couple of second. I ended up quitting the mission.

Next time I tried doing a stealth build with a hushed Soma prime because I do not care for Protea's fast recovering shields. Anyways, got her down to zero where she went into her invuln phase and she never came out of it. Didn't do anything just stayed there frozen, while everyone else was moving freely. Tried resetting by jumping over the edge or letting the enemies kill me, but that did nothing.

Anyone else have similar problems, and anyone know a way to avoid this what I assume to be a bug from happening?

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On the same mission I kill protea( I do all the 4 booms with the charged xoris) and se does the death animation and rewinds me but instead of sending me back to the ship to finish the mission it keeps rewinding me every 5 sec. I try to hit her but her shield bar is always full and her hp bar is empty and she is doing the death animation over and over again. Its the 3rd time I have this happening, I'm using excalibur to blind her with the 2nd skill.

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1 hour ago, McCIoud said:

Are you using the Xoris, fully charged, when she tries to rewind?


1 hour ago, (XBOX)Greenguy5000 said:

when she is regenerating after going to 0 you have to hit her with the big xoris explosion



1 hour ago, Thechemoky123 said:

you need to use the Xoris. charge ir killing enemies and when Protea use her ability to reset the time, she'll "drop" spectrums of her. Hit that line of spectrum with your Charged Xoris and BOOM them. You 'll go on the next fase and you repeat until you kill her.


To answer you guys, yeah I did use the Xoris. In the first example, on a full charge I would see that it did some damage to the shield, however looking at the bar overhead nothing registered. On the next example, she just completely froze while holding her secondary and nothing seemed to register.

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I experienced this too when doing the boss fight the first time. For me, any spells or lockdown I used on her caused her to enter into this glitched mode. Where she became kind of stuck - like you say. Even after I realized this and stopped pinning her down, she never recovered from this glitched state. So I stopped the mission and asked around the regional chat. Lots of tenno recommended to just beat it with a Mesa or a Mesa Prime by using her 4 to kill the sentinels, then using the Xoris to finish off their ghosts, going back to her 4 to kill protea and blasting her with the Xoris. This method was hard for me to do at first, because I have a bizarre hotkey setup. But she didn't glitch out and although it wasn't easy, I did end up beating the boss. I'd recommend against taking a kubrow or kavat since some of them can also root / stun / pin her. 

Good luck Tenno!

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Why does nobody do it the easy way? So here's how I cheesed her.

First, Ivara I have her Prime but either works. Set her to Infiltrate so you need a high Energy. Next, I use Zenurik School for Energizing Dash but Energy Siphon w/ Coaction Drift works just fine regardless.

I had my Smeeta w/ Pounce, Sharpened Claws, Link Health, Link Shields and Maul plus Hunter mods.

Xoris was rank 20 somewhere with standard Magnetic 60/60 setup as she counts as Corpus and Magnetic eats Corpus.


My Ivara Prime had 750 max Energy and Prowl costs her 0.31 Energy per sec.

Premise is easy, Ivara works on Specters as her cat distracts Protea (remember Ivara's Prowl covers both herself and her companion) then it's easy to throw Xoris when she uses Temporal Anchor to stop her healing. Five times you do this and she's done.

I used a heavily-Forma'd Daikyu and Rakta Ballistica when I did it but as long as you put Hush and Silencer on the ranged weapons; it won't break her Prowl leaving kitty to maul her to death.

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