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Blood Rush/Gladiator Mod Set seems to "fall off" when an exalted melee is equipped and the combo decays with Naramon Passive "Power Spike"


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Tested with Baruuk. A maxed out combo provides 11 stacks of Blood Rush, but when equipping Baruuk's Desert Wind, when the combo from the previously equipped melee decays by 5 points with Naramon's passive "Power Spike", all stacks of Blood Rush disappear. Additionally, when the combo from the melee weapon is increased again, for example from 11x to 12x, only a single stack of Blood Rush is gained from it. Allowing the combo to decay a second time prior to equipping the exalted melee will fix this issue, but it should not happen in the first place.

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I have same problem.

I would just add more information.

I'm not using Naramon, but I have melee weapon with long duration of combo (I think 28 sec).

When I build combo up to 12x and switch to exalted weapon, buffs are working for some time and then they just disappear and stop working.W WhenI switch back to melee weapon combo counter is still at 12x but buffs doesn't work anymore. I need to wait until combo is gone completely, or use heavy attack to reduce combo counter. When I use heavy attack combo conter is reduced and when I do single attack buffs stacks are matching to combo counter.

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Same problem here, with the stealth nerf of Khora they add this annoying bug again ( it's the second time i see this bug) shoud be resolved time ago but now is back.... I hope the fix come this year...

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This one is very similar to the old Void Blast issue (see e.g. here).

To reproduce

  • run Naramon with Power Spike
  • equip Gladiator mods on weapon
  • stack up combo count
  • stack up restraint
  • check that you have your Gladiator set bonus
  • enable Serene Storm
  • hit target from a distance (i.e. with the wave) and see higher level crits
  • wait some time for combo to drop by one, the Gladiator bonus should be one down (but not gone)
  • hit again from distance, you should still see higher level crits
  • now get close to a target and hit it with the fists itself
  • the Serene Storm exclusive combo counter will appear and start decaying
  • once the Serene Storm combo counter goes down, the set bonus is gone (or rather "appropriate" for the Serene Storm counter, so having a 2x counter with the ability will give you a 1x set bonus)

So in conclusion: hitting a target with the fists while Serene Storm is active will start a separate combo counter that overrides the melee one.

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Wording. You actually see the combo counter, it is the one exclusive to Serene Storm. It seems to override the melee combo counter.
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I made a shortish video showing the issue.


Some timestamps of note:

  • ~1:07: 12x melee counter; last hit with melee, only decaying after
  • ~1:51: hitting target with fists
  • ~1:56: losing Serene Storm combo & mod stacks
  • ~2:02: regaining mod stacks after only hitting with waves
  • ~2:17: hitting target with fists
  • ~2:22: losing Serene Storm combo & mod stacks
  • ~2:46: regaining mod stacks after doing nothing
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I've tried too many different methods of finding a consistent fix to the blood rush problem but failed, please fix this issue. Baruuk isn't enjoyable with this bug.

Edit: Hotfix 29.6.8 released and No fix for this bug yet. please fix baruuk he is part of your game and one of the best warframes but this bug makes Baruuk another unused warframe sitting in my arsenal...

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I've posted a solution above for red criting desert wind, which I found myself and would really like some credits. Please do try my method.

I've posted it in many many post and no1 seemed to even bothered to try, please do try I found it very enjoyable and lets me play Baruuk comfortably again.

This is the long version I've posted in other threads:


Gladiator 11X is lost when desert wind itself gets combo counter, meaning you punched some1 with desert wind close range, or when you heavy attack with desert wind.

You can use melee guidance the aura so desert wind cannot get a combo counter to avoid losing G11X, but still you cannot heavy attack with desert wind if you want to keep G11X.

The best I've found so far is:

1, use melee guidance

2, stack combo duration (I run 44 seconds on my furax wraith) and attack speed on melee, quickly get gladiator to 11X

3, use naramon and put gladiator mods on helios weapon

This allows your desert wind to red-crit semi-permanently, without losing gladiator even when you punched some1 up close.

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