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Ivara Concentrated arrow augment


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Maru asked me to try it with him, that it's working for me too or not. Actually when you do a headshot it just seems like somehow the range is getting multiplied, until the eternity, no max cap. As maru said, also if you die, then these unseen 'stacks' are reseting. But in no time you can get to maxed stacks again. Here's the proof, and the build (not the same as Maru's, because I have a 0 forma ivara compared to he's 2 forma one :D): here is the video about it > https://youtube.com/W48Lqn6f06o (mute the vid, we were speaking on discord, and forgot to change amd media's settings), and here is the screenshot about the build > https://ibb.co/9pHNJmD


EDIT: Maru were trying a few stuff in simulacrum, and it turned out that the multiple 4th cast, causes this.

EDIT2: So... afterall the aug is can not stop, it doesn't have any cap... here's a 900m destroy (only turret, since he killed the other enemies before i could record it...) 'clip': https://youtube.com/oYgZM2Hzgmk

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