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The Score So Far


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Corpus put up Neruodes.


Something that can be found fairly easily.


And Grineer put up 150k credits.


I like how the Grineer alwaysp ut up 150k credits and rare mats, and the Corpus only put up 100k and common mats.


Make it more obvious DE, make Corpus give nanospores.

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Weird, I have yet to receive my catalyst..


Well you should have gotten it by now. I even received it before the score is 100% to Corpus.


It wouldn't be a good idea to say the RNG gods are Grineer...........or anything for that matter, they are the RNG gods, their wrath can fall just as quickly as their blessings.


Well, but at least we know that the RNG is with the G and not with the V. 


In any case, I believe it's karma because we pinned them during the last event. :P

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