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Dying as Operator during Iso Vault 2nd Bounty teleported me to a completely different vault


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Utilizing the Mother closest to Necralisk, doing mission solo with Umbra Excal. Completed first bounty with no issues. Second stage of second bounty in the same vault was fissure sealing; after a few fissures the containment spawner health was low, so i left Umbra alone to handle any spawns there and used Operator to ferry the fissure sealant to the next fissure.

Dying after initiating the seal caused me to teleport back to Umbra in an empty, still sealed vault with no spawns. Specifically the one closest to Alberecht's Prospect. Approaching any of the sealed doors caused a black out like a map out of bounds, spawning me back on the other side of it. Abandoning Objective prompt did not appear until i exited the vault back into the overworld.

Can't think of any other details you might need.

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