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Anyone Know Details on Acolyte Spawning?



Hi there. I've been trying to do some steel path to get steel essence from the acolytes. I read in the patch notes that you need to kill stuff to make them spawn. I'm a bit confused exactly how this works, and was wondering if somebody has more information.

My attempts [all Solo] so far were:

Rescue mission: acolyte spawned at around 85 kills

Exterminate mission: Finished the objective with 120 kills, no more enemies to kill. No acolyte.

Survival mission: Acolyte spawned around 200 kills at around the 4 minute mark.

Survival mission: Spent 15 minutes, got around 800 kills, no acolyte.


Anybody have a more complete set of data, or detailed knowledge about how to get the acolytes to spawn?

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vor 31 Minuten schrieb DrivaMain:

If they follow the same acolyte spawning mechanic. You may need to explore the map, The Acolyte may have already spawn, but hidden on a room. Once you enter the room, they spawn.

That's not how they spawn in steel path, they spawn with flicker, transmission and waypoint right on top of you.

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vor 1 Minute schrieb DrivaMain:

They literally drop from the ceiling?

They might aswell, I think they have their typical spawn bubble but it's hard to tell exactly because they have no spawn protection so they might just spawn into your melee swing and die instantly.

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