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Garuda Dread Ward Augment


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Garuda's Dread Ward augment has the potential to help Garuda change up her abilities, but with an easy change to the augment could provide her with some much-needed defenses.

At the moment Dread Ward only procs its invulnerability if you execute an enemy with Garuda's 1. As we know, executions in this game can be very tricky, as when you're able to damage an enemy that's usually enough to kill them outright. Because of this enemies are usually either alive or dead, and trying to stop damage at 40% in order to execute them can be cumbersome.

However, we've seen DE change execution-style abilities into something useable with Nekros' new mechanics on Soul Punch, where the enemy is marked when the ability is used and any procs are based off that debuff. If Dread Ward also incorporated this functionality, it could really push Garuda into a more favorable playstyle where marking enemies with her mirror can lead to consistent periods of invulnerability.

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