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WTS Unrolled Rivens


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Balla +Electric +Toxin 150 PL

Basmu +Status Chance +Electric +Critical Chance 300 PL

Battacor +Multishot +Electric 150 PL

Kama +Critical Damage +Status Chance +Critical Chance 700 PL

Keratinos +Impact +Critical Damage +Finisher Damage -Critical Chance 100 PL

Mewan +Damage +Toxin -Melee Combo Efficiency 50 PL

Mutalist Cernos +Damage Grineer +Damage Infested 100 PL

Plague Keewar +Attack Speed +Finisher Damage +Critical Chance -Damage Grineer 100 PL

Scourge +Reload Speed +Damage +Multishot -Damage Corpus 300 PL

Sheev +Damage Grineer +Damage Corpus +Critical Damage -Combo Duration 50 PL

Skiajati +Damage Corpus +Damage Infested +Critical Damage 100 PL

Twin Grakatas +Zoom +Ammo Max +Reload Speed -Status Duration 50 PL

All the prices was searched to see the best price. But the prices still negotiable if you have a point.

PM in-game: ---King-of-Darkness---

All the images you can see here (it's in portuguese tho)https://imgur.com/a/mdPMoEX


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