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Returning player seeks help



Hello there, i've been playing this game for half a year but then i lost interest around the Protea frame update, with the new robot maps and the Jackel boss rework. 

I would love for someone to give me a summary of what is new since then and what has changed. Thanks a lot.

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Not a massive amount, what with whole 'Covid-19' thing.


The main one is Deimos and the Helminth system. Deimos is a new open world in the vein of Plains and Fortuna, although physically it is by far the smallest. It's got a neat story of its own and is infested/orokin themed. It also came with the Necramechs, a new kind of Open World vehicle they're trying to leverage into being available for all missions, which is basically a mech suit about head and shoulders taller than the average Warframe.

There's also the Helminth system, which allows you to take one pre-set ability from another Warframe and inject it into another, although unlocking this require permanently sacrificing the donor frame (although once unlocked, you keep the 'infusion' forever, so you can mix and match freely).


Again, the whole working from home thing and stress has delayed the main headliner content of TNW that was originally slated to be the focus of this year, and in general it's been fairly sparse. So, unless I'm forgetting something, that's the big long and short of it.

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57 minutes ago, Galorix said:

Are those helmints mix frames also playable in the normal system or only in the helminth system, and is there a benefit to play in that system??

Ah, misunderstanding.

The 'System' is in your orbiter, you can use the mixed up abilities whenever you please. I should note you can only swap out one ability at a time, and you can only put one Damage buff ability on a frame. So for example, Rhino can replace any one of his abilities with Ember's flame blast (which is her flame blast) but he can only swap out Roar if he wants Eclipse.

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