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Baruuk + Combo Killer + Gladiator set bonus issues


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Since the glaive rework, using Combo Killer to upkeep combo while using Serene Storm and Power Spike has stopped working in an odd way. After testing it a few times, it seems that switching to a pistol and killing an enemy will keep the combo up the first time, but if you pass the decay timer after that it will remove the gladiator set bonus entirely. If you then cancel Serene Storm, it will display the 11x combo as you'd expect, but you don't get the gladiator set bonus back. If you build the combo back up to 12x, you'll get a 1x gladiator set bonus. If you run through the process again, you can build it back up to a 2x bonus. Combo Killer works fine without Serene Storm active. 

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Gladiator 11X is lost when desert wind itself gets combo counter, meaning you punched some1 with desert wind close range, or when you heavy attack with desert wind.

You can use melee guidance the aura so desert wind cannot get a combo counter to avoid losing G11X, but still you cannot heavy attack with desert wind if you want to keep G11X.

The best I've found so far is:

1, use melee guidance

2, stack combo duration (I run 44 seconds on my furax wraith) and attack speed on melee, quickly get gladiator to 11X

3, use naramon and put gladiator mods on helios weapon

This allows your desert wind to red-crit semi-permanently, without losing gladiator even when you punched some1 up close.

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