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K-Drive velocipod skin prevents grinding

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On starting the game today, I had realized that I was unable to initiate a grind on my K-Drive. Enacting some tests, I had the hunch to try a few things and I was able to narrow it down to the velocipod skin causing this problem.

 I created a short video to demonstrate what I had found. Apologies for the artifacting as it seems my OBS's recording settings are acting up and I need to fix them - It still shows the point clearly and that the velocipod skin is stopping it from beginning a grind.


Edit: Before I am asked, I know for sure that the velocipod was able to achieve grind as I used that very length pipe to grind on with the skin to rank to the last level of the vent kids. I cannot say whether it happened in 29.5.1 or 29.5.2, however.

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Just added a little information.
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