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Operator Self-Staggering Changes Ideas


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Hello, with the currents changes, I feel like I need to post my first feedback post, about "Operator Amps and Abilities".

(Disclaimers : I'm not english but I will do my best while doing this post).


Before starting, just to clarify a bit about me and Warframe, I'm 32, playing Warframe since 2015, I have 2495 hours of gaming, almost Rank 30, all 5 Focus School completed.

Since Operator came out, i loved it right away, worked hard on Focus School to be faster, to have more health, more dash etc... At this time, Amps had Self-Damage, and I was not realy fun to blow yourself, but it was the same with your warframe and blast weapons.


Recently "Self Damage" has been removed and replaced with "Self Staggering". You shoot while standing still, you stumble. You shoot while moving, you fall.

You can reduce Stagger Effect by using some mods like "Power Drift" or "Sure Footed". You can even reach 100% staggering resistance.


On the other hand, almost all Amps for Operator have a "Self Staggering" effect, but with only two ways to avoid it : be extremely carefull when shooting, or not using Amps.

Both of these solutions are not great considering the gameplay in Warframe. Being carefull when shooting? Ennemis, Companions, Tennos, Spectres and some Frame's Abilities become your nightmare. Not using Amps? Damm, it is fun and can be powerfull in some cases.


Operators are weak, and further you go deep into warframe, Operators can die in a second. Stagger effect make you even more vulnerable, because it stop your action, shooting or dashing, and you end up dying. It is even more noticeable when playing Solo, because you are the only target for your enemies.

Amps are suposed to help you to channel your own power and being able to use it as a weapon or a tool, to blast through any obstacle you have to face off.

Changes have been made recently to melee system in order to "make the gameplay more fluid". Stagger effect on Operator is the opposite of fluid.

In my opinion, our own power should be armless to you.



_ Obviously the first solution could be to remove stagger statues effects while in Operator Form.


_ The second solution I'm coming with is adding a new "Way-Bound node" in eatch Focus School, giving 20% stagger effect resistance eatch.

(Note :Way-Bound abilities are passive you unlock in every School, and will apply regardless the focus you are actually using).

This solution allow you to have a way to mitigate stagger effect, and with a end goal to get the 100% resistance for endgame by unlocking these 5 new nodes.



I know it was a lot to read, i tried my best to keep it clear.

I hope your eyes are not bleeding too much with my basic english.


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