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Spectral Scream Suggestion: From Vape Breath to Blast Breath


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In the recent update, and from hours of abuse in Hydron at level 40's, the Spectral Scream actually is viable to point at and spew gouts of fire/frost/vomit/lightning in their face. It kills enemies at a decent rate without being too overpowering as everyone would fear and is more or less fun. In short, spectral scream is almost in perfect except for one thing.

Then there's Sortie levels which the breath sharply drops off to the point where its as damaging as second hand smoking or a gender reveal smoke machine placed in a terrible position.

With how ineffective it is in the realm of power where most chroma users would actually go to and the fact that we are basically forced to keep this ability in our kit so we can have access to the sweet elemental swaps i am here to make a maybe insignificant suggestion that would work to alleviate the problem that spectral scream has at high level play, carrying itself from where it shines in low level star chart.


In the recent update, this ability has gained double the base damage and has now a guaranteed status proc on a selected element. It also has a kuva nukor ability where it can spread beams that seem to also spread status from the main breath. This is a good change in the right direction but otherwise does not address how horrible it is at high/sortie levels, even when amped with vex armor, where Chroma is utilized at his peak performance. There is little reason, or there is no-one in their right mind that anyone would sacrifice the use of  weapons that they have already brought in exchange to passing gas in enemy direction.

For the actual suggestion(s) here:

  • Keep or revert the base damage change (400 back to 200) in exchange for a multiplicative increase of fire rate on his breath, or about 2x-3x the current rate of fire it has. This is to take advantage of the recent buff in it status chance and have it work as a status primer, keeping in line with weapons like the ignis and the Kuva Nukor without making them redundant.
  • Grant the main beam of spectral scream a damage instance where it can deal 3/4/5/6 % of enemy health/shield per tick based on its current elemental damage, for the sake of scaling.
  • Remove the damage cap (500) of the Afterburn Augment, base its damage on the base damage of spectral scream and allow it so that it has a combo multiplier of a similar nature to embers fireball, but instead based on the duration on which Chroma has Spectral Scream active. In its current form, it probably doesn't exist and is as obscure as a hipster showing off a presenting a new indie band to their mates.
  • Grant the new changes of Spectral Scream to his Effigy's main form of offence.
  • His buffs are fine as they are and is in no need to be touched any further.

With these changes, some Chroma builds may actually find some leeway and finally diversify in roles, either being based around his breath or being the decent tanky boi that he currently is.

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it didn't really need any of the changes that it got perse, all it needed was to be a one handed Abiilty so it could be a Support Ability that debuffs Enemies while you attack them with your Weapons.
because as always, if it prevents you using your Weapons it has to be as good as your Weapons, but being as good as your Weapons is generally unreasonable, so..... that leaves just one option.

and that would work, as being a Continuous Weapon already, it applies Status Effects quickly, it just needs to be able to do that without competing with your Weapons.
not that the increased Status and Chaining isn't okay, it's just that these features do not address the actual problem/limitation of the Ability.

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