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Reward Requirement Clarity Please


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TIER ONE REWARDS - Complete 5 missions, regardless of victor.

TIER TWO REWARDS - Complete 25 missions of any side, with the reward determined by the victor.

TIER THREE - Complete 100 missions, with the reward determined by two factors: the victorious side AND if you supported them (you did more missions for them, than against them).

So I know DE isn't good with wording an clarity but can we get some conmfermation in here? Only the tier 2 reward specifies "of any side" the others just say complete missions.

What I want to know is if my missions end 51 Grineer 50 Corpus do I get both weapons? That is 100 complete missions and 25 complete for a single side. Or do I have to finish 150 Grineer 50 Corpus?

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