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mire ( Infested longsword) stop working


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I'm assuming we've got similar problems regarding the mire. After using it for a while in missions, it seems to stop responding to the melee commands. This is annoying as it's a major annoyance during longer missions, but seems to reset after you load up a new one. At first I thought I had faulty controller, but after attempting to use keyboard, it has the same outcome. When I press either of the melee buttons (B for controller, E for keyboard) it pulls out the mire, but doesn't attack. Everything else seems to work except the use of the mire. I'm not sure what causes this as it has happened, seemingly at random, on multiple missions, but it seemed to stop working after a few combos were executed. I haven't noticed this on any other melee weapon, so I'm pretty confused as to why its happening to this one. 

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