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Question about the different Formas



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Right now you have 4 types of Forma:
Forma: Adds or removes polarities to any slot. You get these as rewards from some missions, from rare containers, Nakak during Plague star, and blueprints from missions and Relics.

Umbra Forma: These just give Umbral Polarity on normal slots (not for ranged weapons, since no mods). You get these from Nightwave, First rotation on Tenshin's Treasures (at least), and has been given as a Gift of the Lotus.

Aura Forma: Changes the polarity of Aura slot to Universal. You get these from Hostile Mergers, some Nightwave, and from Arbitrations.

Stance Forma: Changes the polarity of stances to Universal. Changes the stance slot on melee weapons to universal. Scarlet Speet and Steel path reward these.

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