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Chroma changes and my thoughts + suggestions


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So in November 2018, I had posted a Riven Slot Increase suggestion that had idiots go against me and defy common sense and knowledge. To frankly quote Charlie: My [Bo Prime] is THROBBING. Watching the Riven slots increase from 90 to 120 and now to a girthy 150 is truly wonderful.

Oh and Primed Chamber is no longer 150k so also props to DE for that.

Now in November 2020, I have another suggestion to make for my beloved Chroma Prime. He's my ingame main and the frame I have played the most. I really like the 1 changes with switching the elements in missions. This is a WONDERFUL change. However, some issues could also be found:

1. Ashisogi Tenno also commented on the 1 being kind of weird to use. I hope they listen to his suggestion to change the holding to cancel the breath attack to a tap for convenience. Colour changes would also be nice, but unlike Ashisogi I'm not that picky regarding the breath colour changes etc. Just the gimmicky part of 1 be changed for more comfort in usage would be nice.

Another cool thing is maybe incorporate some kind of small buff perhaps while switching? Kinda like a smaller elemental ward but with different effects could be really cool.

2. I also know that a lot of the community have been complaining about Chroma's 4 and want it completely changed. I'm a bit against that. KnightmareFrame and some other youtubers have demonstrated the power of Profit Taker Chroma in credit farming. I feel that Chroma's 4 and his augment could just directly be incorporated together, and in turn reduce the energy cost for better usage.  In return, I feel that reducing the damage as well as the turret's health would be a fair exchange for those 2 above points.

3. Ever since Self damage got removed, Chroma's Vex armor has been very awkward in trying to stack up fury percentage for the elemental bonus. Suggestions I feel can be plausible is:

a. Making the buffs a instant activation cast when pressing 3. 

b. Having Chroma gain BOTH Scorn and Fury when his shields OR health are taking hits, but could make the amount of gain slightly reduced per amount of dmg. Can also have e.g. Fury percentage increasing quicker when Chroma takes health damage, and Scorn percentage increasing quicker when Chroma is taking shield damage.

In conclusion, I truly love Chroma and I hope DE will make good tweaks with his recent changes. Keep up the good work guys!

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