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PS4: Short 2,998 standing for MR 30



I know there have been a LOT of posts about people missing MR, and yes I have read them and tried the things they tried. Still no luck. Here is my breakdowns if anyone can spot what the issue is I would be most greatful.

Mastery Breakdown:

444K Warframes

423K Primarys

344K Secondary

515K Melee

25,501 Missions

25,501 Steep Path

60K Intrinsics

84K Sentinels

54K Sentinel Weapons

126K Companions

30K Archwing

40K Archgun

24K Archmelee

24K Amps

24K K-Drives

Equipment numbers 587/590 total. (I have the same bug as others with the duplicate kitgun chambers now showing up in primary)
74/74 Warframes, 137/140 Primaries, 115/115 Secondaries, 171/171 Melee, 36/36 Robotic, 15/15 Companions, 9/9 Vehicals, 13/13 Archgun, 8/8 Archmelee, 8/8 Amps. Plus all the Necromech Mastery that does not show up yet, such as the Necromech itself, and its exalted gun. I used the wiki and ran down the lists of all weapons, and I have them all (aside from founders and china exclusives)

StarChart Progress 233/233

Steel Path Progress 233/233

I have compared my profile to other MR 30's in my clan, and still cannot find the issue. I googled and tried the Skiajati bug fix, and that does not seem to be the issue either. I have reloged several times. I am at my wits end with this.... its frustrating to put the grind in and still end up short for what seems to be no reason.

TY in advance for any help you may come up with fellow Tenno.

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4 minutes ago, (PSN)Quantaminum said:

You're missing a Primary weapon.

I can't hit MR30, because I'm missing 2 Login Milestone weapons, but I have 426k Primary weapon mastery.

Also, Amp tab should say 9/9, instead of 8/8.

Rechecked my amps, it does say 9/9. I misread it, LOL

As far as primaries go, i'll be damned if I know what i might be missing since i went thoug hthe list on the wiki and I'm not missing anything per that list.

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