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PSA regarding the new bounties


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Alright, so this needs to get around a little bit faster as there are some misunderstandings about how the new bounties work.



You only need to do the vault bounty for each location to unlock the secondary bounty for that tier. You do not have to actually complete the secondary vault bounty to unlock the higher tier. For example, if you clear the T1 vault but skip the T1 secondary bounty, clearing the T2 vault will still unlock the T2 secondary bounty.

So to get to the T3 bounties fast you just do T1 vault, T2 vault, T3 vault then you have access to the T3 secondary bounty

(Also skipping loid can save quite a lot of time unless you're specifically trying to get old vault rewards)


You can repeat the secondary vault bounties multiple times (not sure if there is a cap to how many times you can repeat them). You do not have to restart the full mission to repeat the T3 bounties. Once you spend an hour getting to the T3 secondary bounty you can repeat it without leaving the drift.


For the love of peanuts, if you get the mission with the sac that marks enemies, do not kill wantonly. I've seen a couple of people griefing (intentional or not, it is not clear) this mission and tanking the double-bounty reward. Currently this mission is ridiculously frustrating to clear with the bonus objective, so make sure someone on your team has Larva or some other 'snatch all the local enemies and stick them in one spot' ability. Pets/specters are also counter-productive for this mission's bonus objective. (DE, Please up the minimum number of sacs to 5 and reduce the total number of targets to 20).

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