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Is My Nyx Build Good?



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I'd switch out vitality for redirection, but otherwise it looks fine realy. You don't realy need power duration mods for her, but it saves a lot of energy with chaos. The only thinks i would switch out is focus for continuity and vitality for redirection. But oterwise it looks pretty good.

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Looks okay to me. Similar to my loadout, if you're thinking of capitalising on casting more Psychic Bolts and Absorb, then it's a pretty good one.


I totally forgo Mind Control and put Redirection, since (IMHO) its single-target and duration would benefit me less than Chaos.

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Personally, I don't find Psychic bolts to be very effective, damage wise so I dropped it off along with Focus. I prefer Redirection over Vitality in this case as well, but over all you're using the right mods to positively affect your powers so if it's working for you, keep it up.

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I changed Rush and Focus with Continuity and Constitution, the two duration mods put together with Absorb can deal some good damage against those high damaging mobs (I just rush in and sit in the middle of as many Fusion MOAs as possible, can go up to 50+kills if the situation is right XD)

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I would use neither +power strength or +duration


+power strength is pretty useless, only effects PB, which is bad anyways due to tracking issues


+duration means you can cast Chaos less often, as you cant cast again until all the affected mobs are killed or the duration is up. This makes you vulnerable

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I would take out everything except Rush, Streamline, Chaos, and Absorb. Then add Fleeting Expertise_rank3 and some of the following [Redirection, Vigor, Fast Deflection maybe Vitality] and/or [Quick Thinking, Rage].


- You don't need Flow because she already has a massive energy pool especially with Fleeting Expertise_rank3 and Streamline for 70% energy efficiency.

- The -40% duration on FE_rank3 will only make it easier to recast Chaos.

- You don't need Stretch because if you cast Chaos, nearby enemies will draw aggro while you can focus on clear high threats and the backline. I just shoot them while spamming Chaos while power in use when they are a ton of enemies.

- Absorb has great synergy with Redirection and Vigor, what's mroe to say? You can recover shields while clearing a bit of enemies every Absorb. With FE_rank3 and Streamline, that's a 40 energy get out of fire card.

- You can also use the godmode from QT+Rage(very rare mods) since all Nyx does in a teamfight is cast Chaos and shoot enemies.

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Something to rememeber, power efficiency maxes out at 75%, so Fleeting expertise and the Vespa Helmet max it easily. As for a build.

Helmet: Vespa
Aura: Energy Siphon

Fleeting Expertise
Narrow Minded - Rank 5
Quick Thinking

Mind Control

+150% Energy Capacity
+120% Health and Shield
+ 75% Energy on hits
+75% Power Efficiency
+40% Knockdown Recovery
+22% Power Duration
+54% Power Range

-60% Ability Power

Near invulnerability with Rage and Quick Thinking. Just beware lag and Disruptors.

While you may be godmode, Vigor is a nice buffer to keep HP up


That is if you have the mods of course


As for abilities, in team oriented fights, you can take Absorb instead of Mind control if you wish. But I would recommmend too not use it. That's just my style however.

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