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Hard crashing after few seconds on loading screen


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Hello! I wanted to get back into this game with my friend as there's been some new content since we've played together. However, after updating (the last time I really played much was with Deimos launch), my game hard crashes my computer after a few seconds on the loading screen before you get to login. I completely uninstalled the game, removed every config file from my computer, in order to have a fresh install. I then reinstalled it and it was able to run. However the default settings were really bad, graphics settings wise as well as resolution so I changed them. I set it to windowed borderless at native (1920x1080), and that was fine. Then I changed the engine to the enhanced (beta) version along with increasing some of the settings from medium to high, or on, and things like that, as well as turning on whatever the option is near the bottom that requires windows 10 and a restart that's supposed to improve performance. After applying that, it crashed as it was loading. So it's something with that configuration of display settings that crashes my computer. I'd like to be able to play with some high settings as I have an RTX2060 super, so why does it do this all of a sudden? Is there a fix other than making the game look far worse than what I'm use to? I love the visuals and how nice the game looks, it'd feel terrible to play it at much lower settings (i know, first world problem, but still I'm just asking for a fix for this reason). Any other Tenno out there getting this issue?

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