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The Lag Is Too Damn High


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So I participated in this event, and never I have seen such lag.

1. My energy stays at 5, although I have maxed energy siphon on. After a long time, suddenly my energy increases immediately to 200.

2. The enemy I shoot with Acrid stays at full health. The next 2-4 seconds they are standing there, at full health. After a few moments they just died, surrounded by numerous DOT numbers surrounding them.

3. Enemy stays at one place for quite a moment, and suddenly teleported to another place after a few moment. They didn't walk, they just teleported. Of course this is a lag - the walking animation is not shown well.


I've never experienced such awesome lags before this event. Makes me wonder if I want to join 100 missions like that.

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You have to understand this game is peer to peer. If you have such terrible lag, most of the times it's because of a bad host.


If you got a good computer and connection, host the games yourself. (Invite a friend and start online mission)

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When you are using a Peer to Peer based system.. The "bad lag" comes mainly from the host that is using a completely crap upload speed.  I've asked a few players what their internet down and up speed were and to no surprise my theory was proven.  


Good latency from host - 15 MB/S upload speed


Slow sluggish latency from host - 5 MB/S upload speed


So those of you that are complaining about the lag, just know that whoever is hosting is cheaping out on their internet by paying for one of those "30 MB/S download and 5 or less MB/S upload"



Edit: And those that aren't hosting, if you have a really super fast download speed, that won't help either.  The host (server) will only give you their crap speed to feed off... >_>

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