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Warframe Concept: The Bananaframe


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The Bananaframe.

He is the champion of potassium, and slipperiest of ninjas. 


His (possible) abilities:


The Classic: Bananaframe throws  four banana peels onto the floor in front of him. Any enemy that steps on a banana peel will fall over and remain knocked down for 3 seconds. Upgrading the ability will increase the amount of bananas thrown as well as the time enemies spend knocked down. Can be upgraded 3 times. Cost is 25 energy.


Hand Banana: Bananaframe throws a cluster of bananas out which explodes into 4 bananas. Does 35 damage per banana. Dishes out Serrated Banana damage. Each upgrade will increase the amount of bananas by 1 and increases damage by 15. Can be upgraded 5 times. Costs 25 energy.


Banana Boost: Bananaframe gives himself and all of his teammates a 50% stamina capacity and regeneration bonus. The duration could be 30 seconds, or passive. If it was a one-time-activation based ability, it would take a permanent 50 energy toll on his total energy. Upgrading the ability would increase the percentages 25% and if it was duration based, increase the time by 15 seconds. Can be upgraded 3 times. Cost would be 50 whether one-time-activation or duration based. 


Banana Peel: Bananaframe sheds his peel, resulting in him taking 50% more damage, but also he also gains a 50% movement speed boost, 50% faster weapon swing speed, and a 25% melee damage increase. The ability would take 50 energy, and would be an activate/deactivate type ability. Upgrading the ability would decrease the damage penalty he takes by 5% and increase his melee damage increase by 5% per level. Can be upgraded a total of 4 times.


Banana Split: (First Concept): Bananaframe clones his primary weapon and wields two of them. While using banana split, Bananaframe's accuracy is reduced by 50%. The duration of the ability is 15 seconds. The cost of the ability is 75 energy. Upgrading the ability will reduce the accuracy penalty by 9% and increase duration by 3 seconds. Can be upgraded 3 times.


Banana Split: (Second Concept): Bananaframe gains a 50% boost to split shot on all projectile weapons. Duration is 10 seconds. Cost is 75 energy. Each upgrade will increase the boost by 25% and increase duration by 2 seconds. Can be upgraded 3 times.


Going Bananas (First concept): Bananaframe spins around like a deadly vortex and crashes into enemies, ricocheting off of all surfaces he touches for the duration of the power. Bananaframe also becomes invulnerable for the duration of the power. Duration of power is 8 seconds. Damage per hit is 100. Each upgrade will increase duration by 4 seconds and increase damage by 100. Can be upgraded 4 times. Cost is 75 power. (Maybe 60?)


Going Bananas (Second concept): Bananaframe clones himself, his clone(s) use only their kick-boxing skills to take on the enemy. The banana clones are invincible for the duration of the power. Duration is 15 seconds. Upgrading the power will add one clone and increase the duration by five seconds. Can be upgraded  4 times. Damage that banana-clones deal is currently being contemplated. Cost is 75 energy.


Top Banana: Bananaframe summons a tree that fires bananas in a 360 degree radius. The tree fires five salvos of 20 bananas. Every upgrade will increase the amount of salvos by one, and the amount of bananas by ten. Can be upgraded a total of 5 times. Each banana has a small explosive radius as well. Damage dealt by each banana is currently being contemplated. Cost is 100 energy.


Banana Power: Bananaframe increases the amount of natural radiation inside of him to increase his teammates health as well as his own. The ability also lowers the amount of health and movement speed of enemies near him. Each upgrade increases the amount of health he and his teammates gain, as well as the amount of health enemies lose and the speed they are reduced to. Stat values are currently being contemplated. Cost is 100 energy.


Powerful Potassium: Bananaframe generates lethal amounts of potassium gas around him. The cloud of gas follows him around, negating the armor of enemies in the cloud, as well as damaging them. The cloud also helps him regenerate health and regenerates the health of teammates in the cloud. Duration is 12 seconds. Health regenerated is 5 per second. Damage numbers are currently being contemplated. Every upgrade will increase the duration by 2 seconds and increase the amount of health regenerated. Can be upgraded 5 times. Cost is 100 energy.


So far those are all of the ideas I've had for his abilities, now we'll talk about his basic stats.


Health: 200

Shields: 100

Power: 150

Armor: 25

Speed: 1.15

Shield Recharge: 22.5

Stamina: 8.0


So now that we're done with the stats I've got some concepts for potential signature weapons of Bananaframe.


There are two melee weapons I thought might suit him. The first is a set of maracas with spikes on them. The second one is a baseball bat... And it like... Looks all future-y... Yeah... Not the greatest with melee weapon concepts...


Then there's his signature pistols. He uses the Aknana. Two large hand-cannons that spew metal bananas of death. If I didn't suck at 3D modeling, I'd totally post some concept art. Buuuut... Yeah. Kinda suck at that.


And also: the ideas behind his powers.

Most of his abilities are inspired by random banana facts. Like Banana Power, which is inspired by the fact that bananas are naturally radioactive due to the Potassium 40 inside of them. Banana Split (first concept) and Going Bananas (second concept) were inspired by the fact that most bananas are almost perfect clones of each other. Powerful Potassium is obviously inspired by the fact that too much potassium is lethal.

The rest of his abilities are mostly based off of popular phrases and random references. (Kick boxing bananas, anyone?)


So tell me what you think about his abilities? Are they cool? Are they balanced? If they're not balanced, how would you balance them? Are his stats balanced? Do you like the idea of his signature weapons? Do you like the idea of Bananaframe in general?


Before you ask: Yes, I spent way too much time thinking about this stuff.  No, he's not a joke. I would absolutely love it if Bananaframe made it into the game. Even if it took ten years and he was only available for a week. Even if he only makes a cameo in some kind of mini-mission. So don't write this off as a joke, I'm seriously working on a 3D render of him, (It probably won't be great, but it is coming!) as well as his animations. (Those might not show up, depending how well his model is and how well the concept is received.


Edit: THEY SAID BANANAFRAME IN THE PRIMETIME STREAM. This is proof that DE wants Bananaframe. When I stop being lazy and finish making the 3D model of course...

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The insidious Corpus Board Member, Gru the 609th then releases his yellow Minions.





EDIT: Looking at the picture further, I believe this is in the Philippines, as I have climbed that mountain in the background before. Who knew there was cryopod there?

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It could be some event exclusive reward, along with the pink shorts vanity item. I would go for it. Jokes aside, a fully "banana" frame might be too much for me but adding some wild stuff to the game.

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So I just thought I'd bump this to help the thread resurface. 'Cause they mentioned bananaframe in the Prime Time a few minutes ago, and I want everyone to know, that someone knows you want bananaframe, and that someone is eventually going to stop being lazy and do everything in their power to make bananaframe. That someone is me. Yeah. I'm weird. ._.

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