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Sulvival Void Not Working As Intented?


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Void Survival 2;

Timer: 34:53

All alive;

70% oxygen;

3 peaple team;

2 outside the extraction zone;

1 inside extraction zone.


The game ended prematurely giving no credits reward to me and the other outside the extraction zone.


Is there some note in last patch i missed?


Edit; not entirely sure, but it's possible that we didn't got last reward (forma).

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happened to me just now, i was wit 2 guys  on a t1 surv, the left at 15.45 or something, i was still fighting wit oxygen at 90%, the game auto me to the extraction  too, i was the host:))i got 3 bp in 15 min, thats not the point, the point is now is better to solo void survival or with friends

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