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Constructive Bonewidow/Voidrig and Morgha feedback


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Here are my two cents how i would make Bonewidow, Voidrig and Morgha better and more fun


In this post i assume you know bonewidow's abilities so i wont go into that much detail, only what i would change about the skills

first skill Meathook: I think the ability in its current state is pointless. It does almost no damage. To make it better i was thinking about making the explosion damage when throwing an enemy based on %health of the hooked enemy, and maybe soak up a small % of damage the enemy takes while held (in my opinion it would be sweet if the hooked enemy served as a meatshield while held) and then add that to the explosion damage.


second skill Shield Maiden: I would heavily change that too. Make it a channeled ability; The shield has a max amount of health (that gets a bonus on the first 3 seconds when hit, much like Iron skin or Warding Halo) and it gains HP regen thats based on % max health of the shield after the 3 seconds. If the shield gets destroyed its gone until it wouldve naturally regenerated to its max health again (during that time the energy drain of the ability is stopped or reduced) and once its regenerated back to full it comes back automatically/is held again (unless the ability was deactivated before. Then the shield comes back and can be held again when the ability is used again)

fourth ability: During her ulti, make Shield maiden stronger (higher hp regen, higher max hp, something)


Allow the Voidrig necramech to pick up energy batteries. He already has an animation for holding those canisters (his first ability)

First ability:

Make the canister explode upon impact, and not bounce around. Its VERY unreliable to get the slow aoe effect where you want it to be. And also; increase the visibility of the effect when the canister is shot. Leave some fire effects or burning ground when its shot. When you shoot the canister you cant even visually tell if it did anything

Third ability

Make them scale with equipped weapon mods or something, ANYTHING to make them stronger. Right now their damage is so low (like 50-60 if youre lucky with necramech ability strength mod, per mine/bomb). Its not even worth using the ability. You could do literally anything else besides being AFK and it would do more damage. So please make his third ability not a wasted ability slot. If this was the old days where we still had abilities as mods, it would be the first one to go.



Morgha small feedback:

Make its alt fire explode on Impact only. Right now it has a pitiful range, especially considering its supposed to be a mortar


Thats all for now.

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38 minutes ago, MistressMoonpaw said:

Honestly thought at least someone would reply. I think its some decent feedback

It might be that not enough people have farmed her/rushed her.  It might also be that there are other, more glaring issues with this update that people are focusing on if they are choosing to spend time on the forums.

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I already posted this is the megathread, but this is what I envision adjustments to Bonewidow should be.

 Meathook replaced by Fleshforged Sword, and relegated to a Shieldmaiden auxiliary.

  • Change meathook to be an alt-fire when Shieldmaiden is equipped. Using alt-fire will do a shield bash (meathook animation, except with shield in hand) and send enemies hurling away. 
  • Can hit multiple enemies on one strike.

Firing Line replaced by Pounding Vortex, and integrated as part of Exalted Ironbride's combos. 

  • Auto-activates upon 2nd swing of sword combo (the one before the vertical slash) to lineup enemies for vertical slash.
  • Adds [X*number targets*ability strength] Void damage for [X*ability duration] seconds if vertical swing strikes targets gathered by Firing Line.
  • Guarantees 2x critical chance on any enemies lined up. 
  • Base range increased to 1.5x current.

Shieldmaiden both reduces damage and blocks damage.

  • Increased base HP to 4k, scales with [ability power*mech HP].
  • Has armor scaled on [Bonewidow armor*ability strength].
  • Provides energy field to reduce damage from angles shield block does not cover.
  • Upon having Shieldmaiden's HP fully depleted, releases a radial blind that lasts 4 seconds*ability duration.
  • Can use adjusted meathook to shieldbash and hurl enemies away.

Exalted Ironbride is separated into passive (default melee) and active (activated ability) portions.

  • Passive mode (Ironbride) is default melee (unless Active mode is toggled).
    • Bonewidow default melee uses Ironbride instead of bare hands.
    • Used just like normal melee (press melee to instantly swap to sword, press aim to swap back to gun)
    • Add a dash attack that can transition to combo (smoother transition from slide/dash into melee combos)
    • Does 70% of Active mode's total damage.
    • Add charged heavy attack that transitions into normal melee combo.
  • Active Mode (Exalted Ironbride) is toggled by using Exalted Ironbride. Enhances passive Ironbride mode with more features.
    • Has Firing line auto-activation after 2nd swing in combo, lining up enemies for vertical slash.
    • Increased base damage to 10k.
    • Shieldbash with sword out has guaranteed status procc+blind.
    • Allow jump attack to transition into combo.
    • Increased swing speed
    • Increased critical damage/chance
    • Add a fourth swing after vertical slash that does AOE explosion on strike.
    • Can still be swapped instantly between gun/melee. Does not drain energy while gun is out.

Abilities replacing Meathook+Firing Line: Fleshforged Sword and Pounding Vortex

Fleshforged Sword replaces Meathook. Allows mech to skewer enemies onto the Ironbride to increase damage and add auxiliary effects (affects both passive and active modes).

  • Add +400 impact damage per enemy skewered (max 5)
  • At 4+ skewered enemies, add knockdown effect to sword swings.
  • Enemies skewered do not take damage from outside sources, but bleed out over X*Ability duration seconds (Higher duration = slower bleedout)
    • Bleedout applies DoT heal for Bonewidow equal to bleedout damage*ability strength.
  • Enemies skewered can be hurled as projectiles with charged heavy attack (damage based on sword base+15% per enemy skewered).

Pounding Vortex replaces Firing Line. Lets Bonewidow punch the ground, radially sucking in all enemies within 35 meters to mech.

  • Scales with ability range.
  • Inflicts knockdown to all enemies.
  • If used while Shieldmaiden is active, releases a flash to blind enemies for 2.5 seconds
    • Sets blinded enemies on fire.
    • Blind duration affected by ability duration.
  • Chains into Heavy Attack, which heals Bonewidow for 5% total damage done.

QoL Changes

  • Change Bonewidow shield holster position to left shoulder (e.g. same as how Tallgeese from GW has it's shield).
  • Bonewidow no longer holsters shield after every boost/slide (made easier if shield is on shoulder, since it can holster itself with the sliding grip).
  • Omnidirectional boosting 
  • Remappable keybinds 
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Bonewidow is supposed to be melee mech, but she lacks any kind of survivability, the shield is a joke, i hope they add lifesteal to her 4, that would make her actually viable pick because now its nobrainer to go with Voidrig as he is superior in every aspect. I would like both of your changes mishmashed and added to them aswell, but healing on melee hit from 4 is what it needs (imo of course)

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