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Inaros agile animation break bows

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There is a current issue regarding equiping a bow and using Inaros agile animation in the same time, in the arsenal, equiping a bow will freeze the animation entirely. Which is not gamebreaking per say,  the real trouble is when you bring that loadout in mission.

The effects are the following:
- Your animation freeze to the last played once you stop moving (Only you will see the animation freeze, other people will see you as normal )
- You're unable to unequip the bow in favor of your sidearm or melee, it will visually stay as the bow ( Host/client & other people looking at you will still see the bow )
- You're unable to fire at all

I assume it's related to the glaive changes, but don't quote me on that.

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adding more details on the first point
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Confirming this - interaction between Inaros Agile Animation and a primary Bow is broken.
I thought this bug appeared after Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.3 earlier... I guess not. LOL.

Anyway, to add to what @Cyberhazard mentioned:

  • once "bow locked", pressing Melee Attack key unlocks it
  • "animation lock" still occurs even after Melee Attack key press
  • if the bow is holstered, animation is fine when secondary or melee weapon is in use
  • "locking" when equipped with these bows (the ones I have ATM):
    • cernos prime
    • daikyu
    • dread
    • mutalist cernos
    • paris prime
    • rakta cernos
    • proboscis cernos
  • not "locking" when equipped with a primary or secondary crossbow (also the ones I have ATM):
    • zhuge prime (primary)
    • ballistica prime (secondary)
    • rakta ballistica (secondary)

I like using bows so might as well test it.


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