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T3 Iso Vault Host Migration Prevents Mission Progress


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After a host migration, I was not able to progress any further in a T3 iso vault bounty.

  1. Only two of the three necramechs spawned. Both of these had red target/enemy map markers.
  2. Defeating the necramechs did not advance the bounty progress counter.
  3. There were no other mission or enemy markers.
  4. There was a mystery message about "press [heavy attack] to throw", despite not having anything to throw.


I was playing a iso vault PUG. T1 and T2 went fine. During the T3 run, right as we entered the vault and started fighting the necramechs, my game locked up to the point where I thought I would need to ctrl-alt-del and restart. The game recovered but I was hit with a host migration. I'm guessing that the game freezing ended my connection to the host.

Following the migration, I defeated two bonewidows but the progress counter remained at zero. I searched through the rest of the vault but I didn't encounter the third mech.

Edit: Looking at the two screenshots I took, one necramech was defeated prior to the host migration. The progress counter was reset to zero following the migration and defeating the remaining two bonewidows did not advance the counter. There were no enemy or mission location markers.


Throughout this I periodically had the message to "press [heavy attack] to throw". Not a message normally seen at that stage of the bounty and it didn't appear to do anything other than heavy attack. It's possible that the bounty thought I was at the bait-throwing stage. It could have also been a holdover from using my voidrig's '1' earlier in the run, but that would have been prior to the host migration.

Ultimately, I made my way back out of the vault the way I came in. I abandoned the objective and I seem to have retained all the loot from the first two vaults after returning to the Necralisk.


Prior to the host migration, one necramech was already defeated:



After the migration (and after defeating the remaining two necramechs), progress is at zero:


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