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Isolation Vaults still bugged? Account issue?


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After the Deimos Arcana update, Fass/Vome cycles weren't supposed to reset the Isolation Vault progress, as said in the original patch notes for U29.5:

On 2020-11-20 at 12:39 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Oftentimes the Vome/Fass cycle reset during an Isolation Vault Bounty was understandably confusing, for new players especially, and was reported as more of a “bug” than a feature - so we’ve removed its effect on Isolation Vault Bounty tiers!

Yet, since the update dropped I've been having the issue reoccur, despite the hotfixes claiming that it's fixed, it still happens with me.

What's more, I can't seem to unlock the secondary Arcana Bounties linked to the Isolation Vault ones, no matter which Mother I talk to or when (before or after completing a normal Isolation Vault).


No one else in my clan nor part of my alliance seems to have this problem, only me.

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