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Long load times/infinite loading screen.

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Ever since the last update my load times have become terrible, even basic missions take ages to load. I can't do certain missions like the last Sortie survival since I'm stuck loading for over half an hour much less trying to load into the Plains or Deimos. I have verified the game's data twice, optimized the download cache about 3 times over since, disabled my firewalls and tried just about everything else with no luck. A few may load but the majority won't, just mostly stuck looking at my Orbiter glide through the clouds for a mission that won't load.

Please fix it D.E, I'm not the only one experiencing loading issues apparently. Tbh with all the loading frustration I'm losing that WF spark, missing those daily sorties just seems 'meh' now when it'd have annoyed me mostly. I'll play some Genshin Impact or Death Stranding either way, ain't got time to waste waiting on a game that can't get loading right after all these years.

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