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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.3

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Thanks for the Hotfix!


-- Edit -- "sorry for reserving" --

Some of the (new?) fish seem not to get highlighted by Oxylus, on Deimos. 

Wouldn't it be stylish if the Voidrig Necramech actually "dual wielded" the Dual Decurions?  Could we have that?
(he kind of is dual wielding, but neither shooting nor aiming with the left gun)

(Or for if that akimbo style won't happen -  because of the Melee Attack, which would be performed by the left hand - still wielding the left decurion.. somehow...
did I observe it correctly: and the firerate of the right gun was improved at some point?)

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2 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

nfested Research Bounty Changes:

The Bonus condition of ‘Collect no more than 3 fluid sacs’ had the most common feedback of being too difficult when trying to reach 25 and 30 marked enemy kills using just 3 Fluid Sacs. We’ve made some changes to ease the general Bounty flow and also provide an improved opportunity to achieve the Bonus condition: 

  • Increased Fluid Sac splash radius increased to 16m. 

  • Increased enemy reinforcement density while holding a Fluid Sac.

  • Reduced delay between reinforcements to 1s while holding a Fluid Sac for overall faster enemy spawning.

This is not the right fix, this can now be used to get a better spawn rate to farm exp faster.

instead of simply increasing the number to 5 tries for the bonus you did this, now people will use it to get more exp on necramechs and such.

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waiting for more fixes


ALSO I really love how ya'll just up and change things about players ships without giving them an option to opt in for them. a great way to spring a couple hours of rearranging decorations that now are all misaligned and floating really feeling the love here.


have you fixed ivaras dashwire bug where any globe ally or enemy intersects it, you get tossed off from wire running, even just sitting put and an frost eximus wonders near it'll kick you off A++


go on keep adding more content while neglecting pre-existing long awaiting bugs from being fixed. it's how we know you care, yes?


play to work or work to play, I'll log in and quit. and try back some other day.

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13 minutes ago, Domaik said:

instead of simply increasing the number to 5 tries for the bonus you did this, now people will use it to get more exp on necramechs and such.

We can't have people leveling too quickly now!
That is just unreasonable!
Could you imagine what kind of hell would be unleashed?
It would be ANARCHY.


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Keep those fixes coming!

Can the requirement to across the new Isolation Vault Bounties be changed? We should be able to access the Bait Machine without the need to activate the original Isolation Vault Bounty:

  • Access Bait Machine without any active Bounty (consumes 6 Fass/Vome Residue)
  • Defend Bait Machine for 1:30 seconds
  • Toss the bait into the tunnel door

The new Isolation Vault Bounties take far too long to unlock in full, while polarizing public matches.

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