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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.3

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4 minutes ago, Domaik said:

I have the new infested K-drive parts in my inventory but I can't find them in the foundry to craft them. why ?

  Hotfixed on Friday:

On 2020-11-20 at 6:02 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Fixed Deimos / Cambion Drift K-Drive races not rewarding proper new Infested K-Drive Parts.
The item being rewarded was a non-usable “fake” blueprint, which would not have shown up in the Foundry or been usable. You will need to redo the races to receive the functional item. The old one can be sold from your Inventory for credits.


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Not being able to queue for iso vault arcana runs is ridiculous. Instead you need to:
- queue for a regular iso run, get three randos who will stick around for the arcana run and NOT SCREW IT UP.
- and then have those randos also stick around for doing 4 more runs to get to the final set

This is basically impossible without dedicated clan runs. Also not helped by apparently putting me in squads with randos who do not speak any English...
My spanish and portuguese isn't that great...

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Will we see a buff to Bonewidow? Currently Voidrig outperforms Bonewidow in almost every way.

Necramechs in normal missions?

New underground vaults have the worst matchmaking in the game/take forever to get to. Having to do all three isolation vaults takes 20-30 minutes, then you are subject to the grind of the same 2 sets of bounty submissions that are filled with bugs including but not limited to disconnecting from host, and progress ending glitches that require the bounty to be restarted. Lastly the reward tables are over saturated with junk, I’ve done 8+ hours of the new bounties and not seen a single sporothrix part.

Twitch prime loot claimed Friday still hasn’t been added to inventory. 

Edited by Ogarra_Remaellus
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7 minutes ago, Domaik said:

This is not the right fix, this can now be used to get a better spawn rate to farm exp faster.

instead of simply increasing the number to 5 tries for the bonus you did this, now people will use it to get more exp on necramechs and such.

necramechs are in dire need of more exp

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11 minutes ago, Dark_Lugia said:

Thanks for the fixes

Could it might be possible to make the new vault bounties accessible without the need of doing the "old" ones?
This series of bounties are kinda long and even if you skip some to do just specific vaults, you'll still need to do the "old" ones

^^ This

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8 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Bonewidow’s Exalted Ironbride behaving poorly on Clients (i.e not appearing). 

Immediately prior to this hotfix I was having trouble with the Ironbride not functioning at all, i.e. I couldn't swing it. The most common symptom of this is that it did not appear. If this change is in relation to that: fantastic! If not, this needs to be looked at as at seeming random times when summoning it just wouldn't work. I did notice once that pressing Mouse 1 while the shield was active did what appeared to be a small shield-bash at which point I couldn't swing the sword. And I mean noticed it just once, more testing required to establish a pattern. Wait... that's your job.

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2 minutes ago, --Q--Sintharius said:

Still waiting for clarification (and possible fix) on Railjacks getting hull rupture the moment shield goes down, and asteroid fields creating invisible "walls" that make it impossible to pass through with Railjacks.

Please, this it's insane how broken it became. Just do a quick RJ mission or two the invisible walls are crazy annoying to deal with and the constant ruptures make an engineer a requirement now. 

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Thank you very much for the hotfix. :)

Can you look into this? 


4 minutes ago, Cerikus said:

1) Conservation targets are still impossible to see. It has been reported numerous times that even people without colorblindnees cannot see them. It is near impossible for colorblind people. 
Change the color of the targets in the scope and make it more visible.

2) Some time ago you added colorblind correction, but unfortunately they only include protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia. Sadly these filters actually make it even worse for people with anomalous colorblindness. Please add filters for protanomaly, deuteranomaly and tritanomaly.

3) Some color palets have nonsensical arrangement that makes it impossible to assess the colors.

For example: 



3) Very, VERY needed change would be to display name of the color if you hover over it with a cursor, like this: 

If it would be too much work to create a database for the hex-values, at least create a toggle option to display the raw hex-value when hovered over, which surely is a part of the game object, so it would take minimal dev time. I can cross referense the hexvalues myself in a database I am already using.


Edited by Cerikus
fixed a few typos
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