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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.3

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Zealoid prelate is unplayable at this moment, steel path and regular mission both have similar issue. Light goes off if we pick up the lantern. Have to put it on the ground to light up the area. As soon as you hit boss, he jumps out. Making it annoying. 

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5 hours ago, Bathynomus said:

No fix on necramechs showing all kinds of wrong in the profile? (showing twice, showing maximum possible rank, not the highest you have actually leveled it to etc.)

I'm hearing you it's all over the place.


On 2020-11-20 at 10:39 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Update 29.5: Deimos Arcana


  • Necramechs will now increase max level by 2 for each Forma applied, up to Rank 40! 

    • With twelve Mod slots to fill, borrowing the Polarity mechanics introduced with the Paracesis made perfect sense.


My Necramech has 8 forma on it at rank 36, trying to do the math here, if I'm right that means adding the last forma will take the Necramech to level 38, not 40.  :awkward:



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Infested K-Drive is broken now:


Juggernaut still stucks:


After completing all 3 iso vaults + bountys and exiting the vault using "short-cut thing" received "black screen":

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So....let's not mince words.  This has been another catastrophic release.  With the bandage ripped off, let's talk.


84 hours for Bonewidow.  96 hours for either of the clan research pieces.  A minimum of 48 hours for the new k-drive....but mine took 3 cycles so another 72 hour wait.  Literally the only piece of content viable within the first weekend was the kitguns and the nunchucks...Ouch.


The new bounties are broken very frequently.  How often?  Well, I've yet to stop doing them by choice.  Yes, that's a 100% failure rate due to some sort of error.  That's not even mentioning the crap rewards....because 6 straight endo drops for a set of missions is basically a wasted run.  That's all layered on top of not even being able to have the blue prints drop to make the new weapons....because obviously this turd of an update needed another week or two of polish but it "had to be out by the holiday."


Now it's been 80+ hours....what do we have?  Bonewidow sucks.  That's a bold statement....but let me explain.

  1. If you use the shield it blocks damage for about 25 degrees.  That's aa rough estimate, but it seems like the only damage is blocked was from enemies directly in front of the mech.
  2. If you try to impale enemies with the shield active it doesn't work.  If you disable the shield, it still doesn't work
  3. If the shield is disabled it seems to be on a random timer as to when it can be reactivated.  Sometimes rapidly tapping the 3, then 2, leads to reactivation.  Others, you just wait.
  4. Speaking of the 3....what use is it?  In-game it appears not to function.  Not function badly, as in it doesn't do anything when activated.
  5. Speaking of doing nothing, the exalted melee can activate....then do nothing.  It simply drains energy, and allows for a shield bash to do virtually no damage.
  6. Speaking of not doing anything....activate the shield and you can no longer use your jets.  That's with it on, or with it deactivated.  Yes, using the shield means you're limited to jumping only from there on.
  7. After all of this, I can say Bonewidow is dead on arrival.  It needs more bug fixing and balance to matter....and it really sucks that this was acceptable.


Let's talk about the other stuff.  

  1. The infected nunchucks are mediocre.  They simply cannot match the ninkondi prime in speed, and their statistics are a joke.  Immediately sold once MR was earned.
  2. The Bubonico is interesting....I've only gotten a few levels in, but it might be worth exploring.
  3. The Proboscis Cernos is good.  It's main issue is crap ammo economy and the fact that it selectively seems not to draw enemies in.  Considering the other content, this might be the one thing worth keeping.
  4. The Catabolyst....Did you do no play testing?  Your half baked reload mechanic is an issue here.  Run to nothing left, roll.  This prevents reload.  Now, wait until enemies come close and activate the reload.  Roll backwards.  This tosses a grenade, but will prevent reload.  Repeat the process for infinitely spawning grenades.  This would be game breaking, if the damage was better.
  5. The rest of the content is vault locked....and they're a complete s*** show right now.  I can't reasonably grind tier 3 isolation vaults.  I can't grind the subsequent missions.  I am simply incapable of experiencing the new garbage...and I'm not sure if that's a blessing.  Given the utter mistake that Bonewidow is, it seems like you released another holiday abortion.  




2020 has not been a good look for you DE.  It's amazing that you still have a dedicated player base, especially considering all of the player gains from Deimos have already been wiped out.

I'd ask that you start listening to player feedback....then I saw what you thought that was.  Minor requests to make intentionally weak content simply viable are what you took from the test cluster.  You then released this mess.  I don't believe you're capable of listening anymore.  I look forward to the inevitable collapse this will bring.  Maybe losing another 20% of the player base will let you understand the problems.  The problem is that you're already out of fair weather fans (on steam at least).  If you start cutting deeper it'll be the core audience....and that's an invitation to have permanent losses.


At least MR 30 is done.  I guess there's nothing really left.  Heck, this week I got the first instance of someone absolutely losing their mind over my opinion because "all MR 29 players know better and are complete c***s."  Yeah....probably should have reported them for that.  Thing is, I don't even care anymore.  Hopefully that ball of white hot rage pretending to be a human can find a nice place to burn out...but as far as I'm concerned it's simply another strike against reasonable interaction.  I can't call my amp an "assault rifle" because it's offensive, despite it being a weapon category, and I can't even use Nezha and a four letter word beginning with t in proximity, but that was acceptable behavior....yep.  Not a single ounce of concern left.

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7 hours ago, Dark_Lugia said:

Thanks for the fixes

Could it might be possible to make the new vault bounties accessible without the need of doing the "old" ones?
This series of bounties are kinda long and even if you skip some to do just specific vaults, you'll still need to do the "old" ones

This x a million

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Not only did you not actually fix Bonewidow's Ironbride (it is still just as broken and will not equip), but you ignored the fact that a host migration wipes out all gained mech affinity, but you actually managed to make using mechs even worse by messing up the hover control for keyboard users.

Instead of making the change obviously optional (I'm not aware of how to reverse the change if it is possible), you switched the problem from controller users to keyboard users. It is a lot harder to hover with the mouse rather than the spacebar, which is always used for jumping and jetpack thrusters of the sort. 

I am baffled. Did the team on DE have a rotation or something? I refuse to believe that the people behind such a beautiful game did such a horrendous job with this update and it's hotfixes. Just... how...?

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Thanks for the updates as always. I noticed an issue with my Sigma and Octantis. I can no longer do heavy attacks. Heavy ground slam still works. Anyone else experiencing this?

Edit: Also one tap of the light melee key does a full combo. Haven't noticed this happen on my other melee weapons. Maybe it's a sword and board problem?

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8小时前 , Kylo. 说:

We can't have people leveling too quickly now!
That is just unreasonable!
Could you imagine what kind of hell would be unleashed?
It would be ANARCHY.


DE will lose $74323567493958623947^672423649761982736 if it takes players 1 less seconds to level up

btw, why not more spawn rate though? infested gives LESS exp than grineer/corpus lmao

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Nerfing the steel essence farm so players cant farm for kuva and make some plat with rivens was a really cheap shot and disgraceful move DE. Some players are from third world countries and they can't pay real money for plat because the local currency is unbelievably weak against US $... In my personal opinion you betrayed those players when you completely nerfed the farm. SHAME.

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8 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Separated Kitguns from the Primary/Secondary weapons in the Mastery breakdown into its own category.

    • Kitguns moved from Secondary to Primary in Mastery breakdown in Deimos: Arcana -- since this might cause some confusion we decided to just have Kitgun Weapons in the Mastery breakdown. This also makes it clear you don't double dip!

I don't think this change was implemented yet? There's no Kitgun category anywhere. 

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1. since you nerf khora sometimes you can´t even hit enemies in front of you with wipclaw

2.what was the point of the test cluster if your gonna push the broken update like always

3.give us the option to keep the crystal armor on the gara kaleida skin or even better make the armor stand alone, and add the wings to the syandana

4.give us the option to keep xaku body on, the skeleton and the running animation look too dumb

5.you haven´t fix any of this https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1226120-ugly-dirty-and-weathered-textures/page/3/#comments


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