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Vaulted Relic Recruitment [PC] (Discord)


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Sick and tired of endlessly spamming recruitment chat to get that one part you need for that expensive vaulted set? Interested in farming those vaulted sets for platinum? Just have a ton of vaulted relics? If so you’re welcome to join **VAULTED RELIC RECRUITMENT**.


This server has been designed as a recruitment hub for all vaulted relics. You’ll find veteran relic runners and new runners alike! We have extensive guides on the ins and outs of relic running, along with a help channel with helpers happy to answer any questions you might have.


How do I join?


- You need to have discord in order to participate.

- Join the server and read #introduction to familiarize yourself with the relic running process. Be sure to also read #rules.

- Change your nickname to match your Warframe alias by right clicking on the server icon and clicking “Change Nickname”

- Go to #botspam and subscribe to any relics you want to receive notifications for using the ++addrelics command.


If you’re confused by any of the above, join the server and type @Relic Sensei in #helper with your question and someone will come to assist you.



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