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Xoris secondary fire doesn't work


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I've been playing warframe for a few months, and I decided to finally get around to completing the Deadlock protocol. I'm playing on a mac, I used bootcamp to download windows and it's worked perfectly fine up until now; however when I throw my Xoris by pressing down on the E key, then press down again it won't explode. This has caused me to be stuck. 

I've tried everything - customizing key bindings, equipping different warframes, weapons, companions, and no other weapons, but I still can't get it to explode. Any ideas why?

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Most of the problem is that the explosion (secondary attack) is definitively not triggered by hitting e again.

You must bind "heavy melee attack", only that will detonate it.

(the rest of the problem is the game not #*!%ing telling us this.)


I'll reserve judging you for playing on a Mac for a time when being on a Mac is actually the cause of the problem.


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