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Today's Hotfix broke the new Kdrive.


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Purely a visual bug, easily verified by previewing a kdrive build with Roky in Fortuna.

A kdrive using the Feverspine board will have all of its other parts overlaid roughly in the center of the board, rather than in their proper positions. Happens only with Feverspine, doesn't matter what the other three parts are.


Update: This bug is even more drastic when you actually use the kdrive. The other parts aside from the Feverspine remain fixed in position a certain distance below your warframe's center, even while you do various flips and spins. Those parts are not participating in any of the trick animations.

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Can confirm.

Two issues:
a) Board assembly incorrect - only with the Feverspine.  Roky must really dislike Infested stuff.
b) Incorrectly placed parts do not follow the base Board during tricks.

Also can confirm that Previewing the board in v29.5.2 had all board parts in correct positions, and I was able to swap Fortuna bits in and out - all correct.

In 29.5.3, the "Gristlebuck" reactor, "Nodulite" nose and "Steeba" jets parts are all centered in the middle of the "Feverspine" board - swapping in Fortuna parts (eg: Coldfusor reactor, or Fatboys jets in Preview mode) shows this clearly.

In use, the Infested board flips and twists as expected, but the incorrectly assembled parts (reactor, nose, jets) stay static underneath the board. 
Possibly as a result, there are two long 'tassels' of yellow flowing back from these static parts, clipping through the board regularly.

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