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I don't like forums, I hate them just as much as I hate Deimos. But the circumstances regarding this part of the game (my favorite part), requires me to actually touch this forum. I hope to never need to use this again. It seems around the time Deimos became the favorite child with Bonewidow being released came a host of new bugs for the naught step child Railjack who only lashes out due to lack of love. I guess the new baby in the game gets all the attention now, so much for the kid you already had.

My Intrinsics is 10/10/10/10

Railjack hull breaches, oh these are bad. They happen while shields are still up, they happen as if they are on a timer and not caused by actual battle damage. Before the Bonewidow update for Deimos came out, Railjack breaches required taking hull damage after the shields went down and even then took a sustained blast from a Cruiser just to make it happen. It never worked any other way from all my time playing.

Invisible Walls seem to be another issue. The boundary box of some of the space debris is bigger then the image of it is. While enemy fighters and cruisers can travel through this area unhindered, railjack ship cannot and just makes a crashing sound. Other possible issue could be the railjack hit box is too big, But when flying around the sentient ship, it works just fine.

Archgun Blocked sometimes when shooting at loot debris, fly up to it with archwing and use melee can get around that issue, but some of them are MINES.

There is a host of other bugs that existed before this, but I'm sure everyone knows what they are by now.

All this experienced in the Vale at Gian Point skirmish. Archwing Itzal, Archgun Imperator Vandal, ArchMelee Prisma Veritux



PS: I wont be checking in on this post as I hate forums. Any updates or comments after wont be seen by me.

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