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steel path incursions: sucessfully done the mission but it's still available in the list + no 3 essences


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just done a random go on the the lua-mob-def incursion (2nd try since the disco-sentients pretty much wreaked the first try) and succsessfully ended the mission. we even got the acolyte appearing on the 3rd console, downed him and i got 8 essences from him due to booster and cat's luck but when getting to the post-battle screen i saw that only this 8 essences where the reward, the usual 3 for the mission were missing... a short look in the available list told me the reason for that: the missin wasn't gone as it should have been...

not much of a poblem, sure since i can get another run on it with more essences coming my way, but still something that clearly wasn't intendet - a bit like what we often see with lich-nodes we completed but that can be done again whe looking at the map (sometimes even multiple times for the lichs).

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