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Feature request: high visibility crosshairs


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I know I'm just one half-blind guy and all, but I've been thinking about the crosshairs more and more as I've gotten more and more blind. I took this screenshot as an example:


With the Deimos weapons, the alt-fire charger helps a little bit, but most of the crosshair is almost impossible to see, despite being massive. With a regular weapon, I wouldn't be able to see where I'm aiming at all, and I suspect that's true for most people, especially on white backgrounds. As-is, it takes me about two seconds of staring at that still image before I can make out the horizontal lines. SOME of them. So I've been thinking about a high-visibility crosshair.

Some games do inverted colors for their sights, so that they're always visible no matter what color the background is. Am I alone in thinking some option to turn that on would be helpful? 

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